Adventure Time Film in the Works

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Cartoon Network’s cult-favorite animated show, Adventure Time, is set to get a cinematic makeover worthy of the Land of Ooo. The series’ out-there sense of humor and colorful characters has grabbed fans of all ends of the spectrum and a jump to the big screen is likely to go big at the box office.


Adventure Time’s creator, Pendleton Ward, recently stepped down from the show due to the stressful day-to-day needs of the series, but he retains story credit and continues to storyboard for the show. Ward is currently on board to serve as writer and producer of the movie. Joining him are Chris McKay and Roy Lee, hot off producing The Lego Movie. If they were able to make such an imaginative, genre-jumping film out of colorful plastic cubes, then there’s good chance these minds will meld perfectly with the quirky, twisted world of Adventure Time.

With nominations for Outstanding Short-Format Animation Program at each Emmy Awards since 2010 and wins for Outstanding Individual in Animation for the past two years running, this show has the clout to give it momentum in the pre-production stage. Warner Bros. is overseeing both the blooming Lego franchise and this upcoming animated release, and they’ll likely be looking foster the story of Finn (the 12-year-old boy) and Jake (the dog) into a multi-picture series.

As you’re reading this, you already may be daunted by the overloaded menu of sequels audiences are served each year, but if these films can be as funny and unexpected as the TV show, then we could be in for a franchise that’s worthy of seconds.


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