AMC Ponders Canceling ‘Turn’ and ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

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We’ve had a nice hot start to our summer this year. As I write this, it’s absolutely sweltering. My AC is running, my ceiling fan is spinning, and my sweet tea is cooling me and raising my risk of diabetes. Apparently, AMC feels that at least two of their shows aren’t having such a hot summer right now. That’s right folks, it looks like AMC is thinking of canceling both Turn and Halt and Catch Fire. In a statement made by AMC CEO Josh Sapan, he said that they (AMC) would like to see bigger numbers on both shows.

Granted, he hasn’t said either show is on the chopping block but I think it’s still a little premature to even consider canceling either show this early on in it’s run. Episode 3 of Halt and Catch Fire just aired Sunday evening and Turn is well into it’s second season. While both shows may not be doing well, I would ask for AMC to have patience, Mad Men took a very long time to mature to the ratings behemoth it became along with Breaking Bad. Sometimes these slow-boil dramas just take time to catch on.

I tried to watch TURN last year and while I personally didn’t care for it, I have friends who like it and the fact that critics and the public alike review the show fairly highly makes me wonder why AMC is already looking into killing it. Unless it’s numbers are just completely dismal why kill a highly reviewed drama? Halt and Catch Fire is also well loved by its audience. On top of having a great compelling storyline, I just love all the old computer nostalgia. They do such a good job of bringing me back to my childhood when I was using all this stuff as hand-me-downs. Less Pace is brilliant as the troubled protagonist and his character seems much more vulnerable this season and I’m excited to see where it will go. It would be a real shame if AMC pulled the plug on either of these great shows before they got a chance to grow into something wonderful.

TURN just ended it’s 2nd season and all episodes are available for free here. while Halt and Catch Fire can be viewed here and airs on AMC at 10/9c

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