Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series Gets Two New Cast Members

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Heads up, you primitive screwheads. Word on the street is that two new players have joined the cast of Ash vs. Evil Dead. They are Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo.

Here are the character descriptions, via ScreenRant:

Santiago’s character is Pablo Simon Bolivar and he’s described as idolizing Ash, acting as his loyal sidekick and believing in Ash when he no longer believes in himself. Delorenzo is playing Kelly Maxwell, a “moody wild child” with a past she’s looking to outrun who is then reluctantly dragged into Ash’s fight against Evil.

Evil Dead 2 - Ash

Ash vs. Evil Dead will be a 10-episode TV series premiering on Starz later this year, with production expected to begin this spring in New Zealand. The series will see Campbell reprise his role as Ash, still chainsaw-handed and still working as stock boy. Campbell describes this older, crankier Ash as someone suffering from “survivor’s guilt” and living with PTSD from his years battling the Deadites.”

Ever since the release of 2013’s Evil Dead dark and gory remake/reboot, fans have been clamoring for any news of a sequel that might bring Ash back into the fold. The announcement that Raimi and Campbell would be bringing Evil Dead to television was met with the sound of countless boomsticks being fired in the air in a celebratory fashion.

I love The Evil Dead Trilogy so much. It’s easily one of the greatest, most absurd trilogies of all time and don’t even get me started on how wonderful Bruce Campbell is. That chiseled chin, those incredible one-liners. Be still, my beating heart. You can bet your groovy patootie I’ll be tuning in for this one.

Raimi is set to direct the first episode from a script co-written by his brother Ivan and Tom Spezialy (Dead Like Me, Desperate Housewives).

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