Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Finale: Johnny & Dora (Spoilers)

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I’ve said it before in other things I’ve written, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best sitcom on television.  In an era where most sitcoms are legacy shows that have been around for years and should probably just end already (I’m talking to you, Big Bang Theory) before they get even staler then they’ve already become, Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be a cornerstone of what comedy should be.

The finale was no less then what should be expected.  In a show that features Andy Samberg in the lead role (Detective Jake Peralta), you’d think he’d be the shining star, but he’s not.  Don’t get me wrong, Andy Samberg is brilliant, but the comedic depth of the show is anchored by its almost unfairly stacked cast of Joe Lo Truglio (Detective Charles Boyle), Terry Crews (Sergeant Terry Jeffords), Chelsea Peretti (Gina Linetti), Andre Braugher (Captain Raymond Holt), Stephanie Beatriz (Detective Rosa Diaz) and Melissa Fumero (Detective Amy Santiago).

What may be even more impressive than just the stacked cast, is how the finale, in a mere span of 22 minutes no less, can support three separate stories and have all of them feel essential. The episode centered around Captain Holt going to battle with the ultimate evil, Deputy Chief Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) with the help of Sergeant Jeffords and Gina. It also focuses on Detectives Peralta and Santiago pretending to be a couple and accidentally exploring their chemistry, momentarily forgetting that they were just pretending. Detectives Boyle and Diaz are just along for the ride, but we still get to enjoy one of their characteristic fights.  Any one of these stories alone might have been thrown to the wayside by focusing to heavily on the others, but this is why Brooklyn Nine-Nine excels where other sitcoms have failed: it allows everyone, even in such a large cast, to shine and thrive as their own distinct character.

Another finale highlight was the battle between Holt and Wuntch, and sadly this one was won by Wuntch. As the season closed out, it appears Holt will be leaving the Nine-Nine.  That sets up what are almost assuredly some fun antics next year for Jake with his new captain, and likely visiting Holt constantly at his new job, should be a fun time for all.

All this praise is not to say there weren’t missteps in the execution.  All season Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been teasing the ‘will they won’t they’ trope that every sitcom falls prey to. Unfortunately, like every sitcom before it, the season ended with a kiss between Peralta and Santiago adding a layer of romantic ambiguity.  It has been fun watching them do this dance, but it still feels clichéd and both characters could be utilized better.  Come next season the show can go in a few ways: they could have Santiago and Jake together and break up quickly bringing things back to the status quo; they could have them together and almost insufferable; they could have them together and make it no big deal.  Either the first or last would probably be best, but we’ll have to see.

As long as the show continues putting out what it did this season week after week, next season will surely be great.

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