Clarkson, May and Hammond ARE BACK!!!

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Good News! No seriously, GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! Top Ge… Err, the three former Top Gear presenters are back! They have officially signed a deal with Amazon! Jeremy Clarkson tweeted out at 5:58 Eastern Time that Hammond, May and himself had just penned a deal with Amazon. At this point not a whole lot is known about the deal or when they will start filming or what the new show format will look like. Quite frankly though, none of that matters; we can ring the church bells and dance in the square for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have returned to us.

While the news that they are back and that it is with a web service isn’t too unexpected, I must say I’m a little surprised by whom they are back with. Most everyone thought they would eventually land on Netflix, the streaming juggernaut who has really pioneered and defined the streaming TV industry. Amazon is a solid choice, however. The company is huge and keeps swallowing up content for their Prime streaming service. I assume this new show will be part of their free Prime streaming video service but that is only conjecture at this point. Needless to say, it’s a big get for Amazon and a great day for Top Gea… Clarkson, Hammond, and May fans.

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