Conan O’Brien Rebukes Wayward Writer’s Twitter Rant

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Social Media is a funny thing, isn’t it? While it’s undoubtedly an amazing tool, allowing for celebrities to connect directly with their fan base in addition to giving the general population the opportunity to keep the world apprised of every single meal they consume on a daily basis, it does have its downsides. One being that everything you tweet, unless you’ve locked down your privacy settings, is very, very public.

One of Conan O’Brien’s staff writers Andrés du Bouchet found this out the hard way when he took to his Twitter account to rant and rave about the supposed dropping quality of rival talk shows and comedy in general. Though the tweets have since been deleted, Entertainment Weekly, HITFIX, and UPROXX were able to put together the pieces. You can check out the full rant at those links, but the basic summary is this:

“Comedy in 2015 needs a severe mother****ing shakeup. No celebrities, no parodies, no pranks, no mash-ups or hashtag wars…and shove your lip-synching up your ass…Prom King Comedy. That’s what I call all this shit. You’ve let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal…None of the funniest stuff ever involved celebrity cameos.”


du Bouchet’s boss wasn’t thrilled about this sudden vitriolic display and took to Twitter to respond:

So, friends, remember the old adage: if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Especially when practically everyone on the planet can see/hear what you have to say.

Not saying I don’t agree with some of du Bouchet’s points, but he comes across more as a sore loser than someone with a valuable opinion. Maybe next time save the ranting for drunken hangouts with your inner circle? Or maybe mark your Twitter as private. Just a friendly suggestion.

What do you think, folks? Was du Bouchet’s Twitter rant justified or should he have just kept it to himself?

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