Consider this our Grand Experiment. You see, we believe that people care about the shows they watch. They talk about them, tweet about them, tell their friends and discuss their thoughts on Don Draper’s latest entanglement, whether Lady Mary Crawley will ultimately find love, if Michael Bluth will manage to keep his family together or if those dragons are ever going to make it to Westeros.

But most of all they care that they stay on TV. The field of battle is covered in fallen shows beloved by their audiences but without the Nielsen ratings to keep them on the air. No more. We aim to correct this injustice. We aim to misbehave.
Very soon, we will be launching an initiative designed to prove that the people want this power, the power to keep our favorite shows on the air, and that we’re willing to do something to make it happen. This is where we need your help. Watch this space over the coming weeks to see what part you can play in making this goal reality.