Early Reviews Declare Marvel’s Daredevil ‘Well Worth the Wait’

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Greetings, True Believers! We’ve only got one week left to go until Marvel’s Daredevil makes its glorious premiere on Netflix (April 10). Critics got a sneak peek at the first five episodes and the response has been incredibly enthusiastic. Here’s a glimpse at some of the early reviews for the new series (complete with some awesome GIFs, courtesy of Screencrush):

Mike Cecchini, Den of Geek: “It’s beautifully shot (if a bit dark at times), with a look that is far more True Detective than the perpetually sunny Agents of SHIELD. It even feels more cinematic than several of Marvel’s theatrical offerings…Daredevil is the first superhero TV project that truly feels like it’s aiming higher. Don’t make any other plans when it’s time to start watching.” (Read the Full Review)

Mark Hughes, Forbes: “Why am I so sure Daredevil will be an enormous success for Netflix and Marvel? Quite simply, in Daredevil Marvel delivers one of the greatest live-action superhero origin stories ever made. It is in the same top-tier category of true superhero origin films along with Batman Begins, Iron Man, and Superman: The Movie.  The episodes are like mini-movies, and taken together the first two episodes could have been released almost as-is — with only a few minor tweaks to add some cinematic sense of scale — and it would’ve been hailed as one of Marvel’s best films to date.”
(Read the Full Review)

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Screencrush: “In earnest, I’ve never had to collect as many thoughts on a series in only 5 of 13 episodes, but fear not, citizens of superhero fatigue. Daredevil was well-worth the wait, and breaks the Marvel movie mold with bone-crunching delight. It’s everything Nolan’s Batman never had time to explore, everything Arrow wants to be without network boundaries, and exactly the street-level drama Marvel needs to complete its superhero world.”
(Read the Full Review)

Spencer Perry, SuperHeroHype: “I cannot applaud “Marvel’s Daredevil” enough. From its succinct telling of the origin, to the dynamic character drama, to the stellar fluid action, and the underlying through narrative, the show is another home run for Marvel. Drew Goddard’s script for the first two episodes is flawlessly put together with the same melding of reverence and new flavors that make the other Marvel products work. Executive Producer Steven DeKnight has developed a world within the Marvel Universe that is both unique and lived-in but also now integral to the scope of the MCU.”
(Read the Full Review)

Brian Lowry, Variety: Compared to Marvel’s experience with “Agents of SHIELD” for ABC, operating in Netflix’s pay-to-view world is clearly liberating, in much the way animated direct-to-DVD titles enable the comics companies to cater to knowledgeable fans without needing to worry too much about luring the uninitiated into the tent. And the binge prospect should be helpful in getting people hooked on the overarching adventure, complete with Russian mobsters and feuding crime factions building toward the inevitable Daredevil-Kingpin showdown.” (Read the Full Review)

Hoo, boy. Sounds like we’ll be total shut-ins come April 10. We’ll be giving you our review of the entire series once we get a chance to check it out. Until then, we’ll just be watching this trailer, counting down the days.

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