The Flash Episode Review: Fallout

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Perhaps it should go without saying, but if you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Flash you should probably avoid reading this review.

So, it’s official – Barry, a.k.a. the Flash, has discovered that he can travel through time. At some point in the not-too-distant future, he’ll be able to move so quickly, he’ll rupture the space-time continuum and return to the moment his mother was murdered in an attempt to thwart her killer – Reverse Flash. The bad news? The attempt clearly failed. But, good ol’ Barry won’t let that deter him. He’s determined to study the images that Joe and Cisco have recovered (thanks to some convoluted, super-sciency and nonsensical method which allows them to peer into the past using mirrors – ???) and change the past to save his mom.

Will he succeed?? Only time will tell. But, first things first.

Fallout takes place in the immediate aftermath of the previous episode. Ronnie and Dr. Stein were successfully separated and reunited with their respective spouses. All is well with the world!

The Flash Fallout 4

Well, maybe not so much.

It seems that despite being physically separated, both Ronnie and Dr. Stein still feel each other’s emotions and physical reactions. When Ronnie wants to order a pizza, a dozen miles away Dr. Stein inexplicably wants the same thing. When Dr. Stein realizes what’s happening, he exclaims, “We’re still inside each other!” Thank the maker for Cisco’s on-point response: “There’s got to be a better way to say that.”

Of course, it’s entirely reasonable to desire pizza, so initially these identical cravings aren’t so bad. It’s when Dr. Stein is captured by the Army and tortured for information regarding Firestorm that their connection starts to get a little worrisome.

This episode made me feel all kinds of emotions. Not all of them were good, but we’ll get to that later.

As for the good:

  • We got to see more of Dr. Wells in his Reverse Flash get-up making threats and being generally awesome. Can’t wait to see the *BIG SHOWDOWN* between him and Barry.
  • Victor Garber is such a wonderful actor, even when he’s spouting absurd, expository, pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo.
  • Discussions about time travel lead to Back to the Future and The Terminator references – although, what was with Dr. Wells’s Christopher Lloyd impression? It made me a little sad.

Which brings me to the not so good.

  • First and foremost, Iris is becoming a bit of an annoyance. The past few episodes have turned her from a decent two-dimensional love-interest into a conniving one-dimensional obstacle for Barry and co. Every scene that involves her at work as a journalist practically screams “I have no reason to be here!!” Hopefully these are just awkward growing pains for her character.
  • And speaking of awkward, how about those Caitlin and Ronnie interactions? Aren’t these two supposed to be madly in love with each other? I would never have guessed it judging from their total lack of chemistry. Danielle Panabaker tries to make pretty sparks, but Robbie Amell just isn’t having it. What a shame. Panabaker is a total beauty; you’d think a guy would have no trouble being in love with her.
  • Can Dr. Wells give Barry any other advice for combating his enemies other than “You need to run, Barry. RUN!” Seeing as how that’s practically ALL Barry can do, it would probably be best for Dr. Wells to just keep his mouth shut.
  • And finally, that giant gorilla. Yes, I know this is Gorilla Grodd. And yes, I know he’s a big nemesis for the Flash in the comics. That still doesn’t make him any less goofy. In the wake of so many DC superhero flicks trying to be dark and serious, The Flash’s embrace of its comic roots has been a breath of fresh air. Nevertheless…Gorilla Grodd? Really? Now we’re delving into some very, very campy territory. Here’s hoping this is handled very carefully.


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