New Star Trek!!!!! New Star Trek!!!!!!!!

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In a wonderful and quite frankly “logical” announcement, CBS has announced that it will be launching a New Star Trek series is set to be launched in 2017. Alex Kurtzman, producer of the new ST films, will be at the helm of the show. Not too much has been announced as of yet but it looks like it will take place in the new universe created by the 2009 movie. Look for the premiere to hit CBS affiliates but then the rest of the series to hit their streaming service, CBS All Access. As with the previous Star Trek series, the new show will feature episodes that explore culturally relevant themes and issues.  

As a lifelong fan of all the Star Trek universe I am hopeful, I know the new Trek movies are very polarizing, but I think a newer sleeker series could be a lot of fun.  TV has evolved too much over the past couple of years for a show like TNG or Voyager or even the original series to be popular or do well outside of die hard fans so I think a show following the pacing and action of the new movie is wise. A smart hand-held quick paced 40 minute series of just 10-13 episodes a season would be a perfect entry to the Trek canon.  It could be set in the new timeline right alongside the movies.  It doesn’t have to intertwine with them like Marvel does, but it can still happen in the same timeframe.  It would be really great if the writers and producers can explore relevant issues without taking sides or seeming preachy as well.  That was what Star Trek has always been about and i think that will be the biggest hurdle for them to jump through, but if they can do it, I think this show could be a wondrously successful mission!

Look for the new show as it flies at breakneck warp speeds to your streaming devices.  Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for breaking.

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