New Trailer for Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Lifetime Movie Released

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Back in April, a rumor got around that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were co-starring in a made-for-Lifetime movie entitled ‘A Deadly Adoption.’ The original plan was to release the film without any fanfare and watch the madness unfold as people started to realize the thing actually existed. But after the rumor got out, Ferrell and Wiig insisted the project was off due to the surprise was ruined.

Now it looks like they may have pulled a fast one on us.

A trailer for ‘A Deadly Adoption’ has just been released and an air date has been set: next Saturday, June 20th. Here’s the description of the much-anticipated Lifetime movie (never thought I’d use the words ‘much-anticipated’ to describe anything on Lifetime), via Collider:

Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Escape from Polygamy) and written by Andrew Steele (IFC’s The Spoils of Babylon, also starring Ferrell and Wiig), the film is “inspired by a true story” and finds Ferrell and Wiig playing a successful couple who house and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) in the hope of adopting her unborn child. This being a Lifetime movie and all, things subsequently take a dark turn.

Check out the trailer below and get excited, folks. Get real excited.

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