Weird Loners Pilot Review

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Weird Loners follows the story of four emotionally stunted people in their mid 30’s living in New York City. One (Zachary Knighton) has just been fired from his job and evicted from his apartment; another (Nate Torrence) whose father has just died; another (Becki Newton) who has decided that she will settle for a man she is not interested in; and one (Meera Kumbhani) who has just left her boyfriend, finally acting on the knowledge that she hadn’t been interested in him for a long time.

As to be expected, the show spends its time introducing the audience to each character, giving us a quick idea of who they each are and then introducing them to each other. While it wasn’t done in the most organic way, it’s something that can be forgiven and each character shows a lot of promise. The show gives the appearance of trying to avoid the tropes a lot of similar shows by occupying the world we actually live in and not the surreal ‘world’ of past comedies like How I Met Your Mother or Happy Endings. It still maintains the underlying heart that makes those shows lovable. However lost these four may be, they want something out of life, and now we are along for the ride as they try to figure out what it is, and if they can even find it.


Overall it wasn’t the strongest of pilots, but I think the show has promise. The characters, when on their own, lack depth, but as a group of four, their chemistry works and provides for a funny and potentially brilliant show. They really need to work on developing the characters as individuals, though, otherwise these solo scenes will continue to prove cringe-worthy, making the entire series problematic. If the writers focus on this and not solely relying on them as a group, Weird Loners could be around for quite a while. If you were a fan of Happy Endings but sometimes felt it was too over the top, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

8.0 Has Potential

Weird Loners might not wow anyone with its awkward debut, but if the writers focus on better developing the main characters as individuals, it could end up being a solid comedy series.

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