X-Files Revival: First Official Look at Mulder and Scully Together

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Behold the beauty of Mulder and Scully…sitting in the backseat of a car…on a tiny viewing screen….

Okay, it’s not much, but we’ll take it! We’re still quite a few months away from The X-Files’ big return on January 24th, so any little bit we can get shall be held near and dear to our hearts.

Production began on Monday in Vancouver. Duchovny and Andreson are joined by Joel McHale (Community) who will supposedly be playing some kind of news anchor for a conservative Internet site.

Not one to be left on the sidelines while Duchovny and Anderson have all the social media fun, McHale has been posting all kinds of ‘spoiler-ific’ images on his Twitter:

While I’m not sure The X-Files will ever be able to return to the quality of its glory days (Seasons 1-6), I want to believe this revival will be worth the wait. 

Article Source: Collider

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